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Remax Business Card Templates

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Remax Business Card Template: RMX50A Remax Business Card Template: RMX49A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX48A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX47A Remax Business Card Template: RMX46A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX45A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX44A Remax Business Card Template: RMX43A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX42A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX41A Remax Business Card Template: RMX40A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX39A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX38A Remax Business Card Template: RMX37A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX36A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX35A Remax Business Card Template: RMX34A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX33A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX32A Remax Business Card Template: RMX31A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX30A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX29A Remax Business Card Template: RMX28A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX27A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX26A Remax Business Card Template: RMX25A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX24A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX23A Remax Business Card Template: RMX22A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX21A
Remax Business Card Template: RMX20A Remax Business Card Template: RMX19A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX18A
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX17A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX16A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX15A
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX14A Remax Business Card Template: RMX13A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX12A
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX11A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX10A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX09A
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX08A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX07A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX06A
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX05A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX04A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX03A
More coming soon...
 Remax Business Card Template: RMX02A  Remax Business Card Template: RMX01A  

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What is it about real estate business cards that make them so important?

Real estate is a growing industry where success is all about converting a prospect to a client and retaining the client. There is a lot of competition in the market and the one thing that will keep you stand out and ahead of your competitors is top of the line branding solutions.

There are different types of branding solutions available like business cards, website, fliers, brochures, etc. The realty business cards are one of the strongest branding solutions available for the real estate industry. This is because of the following reasons:

1)  Small Size: Business cards for real estate are the smallest and highly effective marketing tools. If you give your business card to a prospect then you can be rest assured that they will either keep it in their wallet, diary, or store it in a place for immediate or later use and this is all because of its size.

2)  Personal Touch: The best real estate business cards like the Remax realtor business cards offer much more than a branding solution! It provides a personal touch, which is very important in a face-to-face or one-on-one meeting with the prospect. One of the salient aspects of the Remax realtor business cards is that they can accommodate photographs or cut outs, which makes it more personal. Every time, your prospect looks at the business card, they will see your picture and this helps to a great degree in increasing brand visibility and retention.

3)  Relevant Information: One of the salient aspects of the modern day real estate agent business cards is that they contain a whole lot of relevant information. For example: a Remax realty business card will contain your name, address, personal or official phone and other information like the standard business cards have. Apart from this, it will also contain details of your website, blog site, email id, certifications you have, and type of real estate you are dealing with (condominiums, fixer upper etc). Thus the business card presents a small insight into you or your agency.

4)  First Impression: Last but not the least; with a Remax real estate agent business card, you can make that important first impression. In the real estate industry, first impressions are not just important; they can be decisive when it comes to real estate investing. The Remax realtor business cards have been created purposefully and are intended to make the bold statement: We are here to help you!

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Customized Remax business cards

Customization plays an important role in bringing in an element of creativity. The more creative the real estate business cards are, the deeper will be your brand retention and visibility. At Realty Cards, we offer a range of customizations so that we can help you create a business card that will strengthen your position in the highly competitive real estate market.

You can check out the numerous real estate business card examples that Realty Cards has on offer. We are currently offering 29 different Remax realtor business cards templates to choose from. Each of these templates has been carefully created keeping in mind your need, the real estate market, the competition, and more importantly, the very first impression that the prospect will have.

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Remax Agents trust Realty Card for high quality colorful business cards. We offer super fast turn-around time - usually 24-72 hours and will arrive on your doorstep within 2-5 days depending on your delivery location. We also offer RUSH production and overnight shipping. You can choose from hundreds of Real Estate Card Template combinations and then customize your card online. We will send you a proof free of charge - you only pay when you are satisfied with your final design.


We print all Real Estate Business Cards on Premium Stock, with either a High-Gloss or Satin Finish. They are hand selected and packaged with care to be rushed to you. Stand above the competition with a new luxury, full-color glossy Remax Real Estate Cards from Realty Card.


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We believe that, in this huge and ever growing real estate market, being second is not an option. This is a market for go-getters, a market where making an impact with your first impression is all important. This is why we offer innovative printing solutions, including Realtor business cards, postcards, brochures and more.
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